To invest billions of national hub port - Qingdao Dong Gu port construction

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May 7 - With the luneng group, 50000 tons of advanced construction dock will be closed, Dong Gu port district construction officially entered the stage of full swing. At present, bank loans to raise $26 billion has been in place, including road, pipeline, water, electricity, breakwater and a series of infrastructure has been built.

Morning of May 7, Qingdao Dong Gu port development and construction headquarters held "command for the first time meeting", marks the Dong Gu port development and construction into the fast lane. Discussed at the meeting area start key work plan, the construction of the hair on the preparation of detailed planning, green even railway wiring schemes, road construction, construction of breakwater construction, radar station priority for the division of responsibility. The reporter learned from the meeting, the preliminary works such as the current port construction and investment goes well, a lot of international and domestic companies are interested in Dong Gu mouth, will be held in Beijing next headquarters also competitions, further promote the investment promotion work.

In Dong Gu port district construction scene, reporter saw the luneng group invest in the construction of 50000 tons port area has entered the stage of closed, invested by the group, another 50000 tons port also entered the stage of filling, in addition, LNG company investment projects also has entered into prior to the construction of the development of the preparation work. Dong Gu port within one of the important engineering - the world's largest 40 ton ore terminal have also been in construction.

"According to preliminary estimates, needs 100 billion yuan Dong Gu port development and construction, the construction cycle nearly 30 years, the infrastructure of up to 40 billion yuan, road, pipeline, water, electricity, radar, navigation, navigation, breakwater, 2 billion yuan, in addition as anchorage, port-vicinity industry, inspection facilities is also very big." Qingdao port and waterway bureau deputy director tube said to reporters. (reporter Ren Junfeng)

Port comprehensive entered the stage of construction

A link to the Dong Gu mouth for background information

A, Dong Gu port development and construction of meaning

In recent years, each port cargo throughput is growing rapidly in the jiaozhou bay of Qingdao, the former bay area has a long period of overload operation, the port scale will not be able to meet this need, in the new development opportunities and challenges, especially in the process of promoting port industry and service industry development, is an urgent need to expand new large port areas.

Dong Gu port district is an important part of national important hub port, Qingdao port. Start Dong Gu port development and construction, will break through the port in zhuhai in one hundred in the jiaozhou bay development history, is conducive to adjust and optimize the port function layout, form a new growth pole, further enhance the zhuhai port service function, enhance port radiation ability, stimulating the regional economic rapid development, to promote "protection ring bay, bay on development" full implementation of the strategy, to build international shipping center of northeast Asia is of great significance.

1, the zhuhai port layout optimization

Dong Gu port as south of Qingdao port, Qingdao port is focusing on the development of port, the Qingdao implement city "ring bay protection, with bay development" strategy, the construction of Qingdao important power source of the national shipping center in northeast Asia.

Completed, Dong Gu port will become a predominantly dry bulk, liquid chemical national important energy reserves transfer base and trading market, Qingdao port function layout will be further adjustment and optimization, to breakthrough the port in zhuhai in one hundred, the development history of jiaozhou bay, further adjust and optimize the port function layout, tries to build up a northeast Asia shipping center is of great significance.

2, the jiaozhou bay the important engine of economic development

Dong Gu port district in Qingdao port in the dry bulk and energy transport plays an important role. Early a batch of world-class shipping companies and foreign trade companies to Dong Gu mouth investigation and investment intention, the luneng group, such as LNG company has signed the agreement on investment. Rapid development of port economy made the prosperity of the jiaozhou bay, a modern new harbor city of towering rise will drive in the jiaozhou bay spanning economic development.

3, pull the regional economy

Dong Gu port has a unique geographical environment and location advantages, relying on the vast hinterland of geographical position, surrounded by sea on three sides along the depth of the Yellow River to the west, to henan, hebei, shanxi, shaanxi and other large areas, with a total area of 87.3 square kilometers, for port hinterland economy sustainable development provides a solid supply of goods.

Dong Gu port district construction means the construction of shandong peninsula manufacturing industry base and the peninsula urban agglomeration has more powerful port, Qingdao thus enhanced the province and along the yellow of the regional economic radiation.

4, to create more employment opportunities and build a new harbor city jiaonan

According to the statistics, our country around 20 per ten thousand tons throughput can create jobs, at the same time, Dong Gu port construction and development, will drive the rapid development of its surrounding the economy, to provide broad space for development to jiaonan, build up a new harbor city.

Second, the planning overview

1, reasonable function of port layout

Dong Gu port offshore natural average depth of 15 meters, 1000 meters water depth from shore can reach to 20 meters, is a rare natural deep water port, port planning area of 60.2 square kilometers, lingang industrial planning area of 65 square kilometers, wharf coastline of about 35.3 km long and berth number 112, after the completion of the total throughput will reach 370 million tons. Recent planning development and construction of six large open wharf, Dong Gu port within one of the important engineering - the world's largest 40 ton ore terminal under construction. At the same time, its working in the rear cargo is about 8.7 square kilometers, is completed, will become the nation's largest bulk assignments section.

Planning and construction of the four professional dock:

Reed {langya} Taiwan north areas (north port) : to undertake bulk dry bulk, general cargo, container transport, etc

Dong Gu mouth mouth section (Hong Kong) : focus on crude oil, oil products, liquid chemicals and LNG transportation services

Pawn bay prediction (19-23 pool) in the south areas: mainly engaged in container and general cargo transport

Hu Gushan reserved (donggang pool) in the eastern areas: the main development of ship repairing industry

2, rapid transportation system

Dong Gu port have good carrying capacity, can undertake whole function in Hong Kong after optimization of the new cargo demand, can also carry lingang industrial hinterland and transport demand, is an important of sustainable development of Qingdao port,.

Dong Gu port district planning of the "three vertical and three horizontal" transportation system: child road, dredging port 2 letter for three east-west road, south road, dam dredging port, center road, shandong road son good all the way for the three north-south road. Through the "three vertical and three horizontal" dredging port road system, will Dong Gu port with three high-speed, 204 national road, 334 provincial road, binhai highway connecting, around Dong Gu port transportation pattern grid radiation pattern.

At the same time, for the construction of coastal to inland province of shipping channels, support the jiaonan Dong Gu port development, green with railway special port reserved a join point, will be in port dredging port road through direct port area in the heart. From maritime transport to the loading or discharging of such goods can be directly to the boxcar, form the iron transport, greatly improving the transport capacity and speed. The pre-project is in full swing, will open in years.

3, with the jiaozhou bay are highly complementary, pendulum benefit is obvious

Dong Gu port will be implemented after the completion of the sea coal and iron ore imports effective docking, reduce the empty loading rate of railway transportation, greatly improve the transportation efficiency, form the obvious benefit of a pendulum.

Dong Gu port is completed, will be in the jiaozhou bay port form a pattern of strong complementarity, jiaozhou bay in dry bulk terminals, such as coal, ore and liquid chemical terminal function will gradually shift to Dong Gu mouth harbor, qianwan port area will develop into a professional to container port, Dong Gu port will become a predominantly dry bulk, liquid chemical national important energy reserves of transport transshipment base and trading market.

4, complete port comprehensive service functions

Dong Gu port district is an important part of Qingdao port, and is important in the development of port-vicinity industry relying on. Recently for groceries, bulk dry bulk and liquid bulk cargo transport and promote the development of lingang industrial; Hinterland with the gradually perfect of port facilities and transportation demand is growing, Dong Gu port will gradually expand the scope of services, comprehensive development of port logistics and special logistics, trade, information, comprehensive services, such as the service function, develop mainly dry bulk, liquid chemical national important energy reserves of transit transport base and trading market, at the appointed time Dong Gu mouth dry bulk index, will become the Qingdao "the Baltic index", and in energy and raw material resource market of the country's powerful configuration function.

Three, port development mechanism of breakthrough

In order to speed up the development and construction of port Dong Gu mouth, Dong Gu the port development and construction of the "headquarters unified operation, the company marketing operation" mode, give full play to the guiding role of the government and the enterprise market functions.

Municipal party committee, municipal government official post on March 23, set up the "Qingdao Dong Gu port development and construction headquarters", hair change, finance, state-owned assets, transportation, land, planning, Marine, environmental protection and other related departments for command members straight. Headquarters on behalf of the municipal government of Dong Gu port exercise unified leadership and management, development and construction of unified planning, unified investment promotion propaganda. Provide strong core of leadership of the port development and construction.

At the same time, the municipal party committee municipal government for Dong Gu port development provides a strong financial support, was registered in Qingdao port construction investment (group) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Hong Kong investment company), is the first company in Qingdao port city of company engaged in port construction of a wholly state-owned company, investment column straight enterprise management, on behalf of the headquarters of foreign engaged in financing, contract, bidding and other economic activities.

The establishment of the Hong Kong investment company for Dong Gu port development and construction has set up a platform of financing, broaden the financing channels. Not only can through the bank loan financing, financing, land benefit can be controlled by Hong Kong firms listed in the form of financing and investment and financing, such as.

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